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Introducing Our Exclusive Wedding Cake Cannabis Strain

Our Wedding Cake marijuana strain is a captivating Indica-dominant hybrid, crafted through inspiration from the renowned Pink Cookies strain. This exquisite bud delivers a delightful blend of fruity and cookie flavors, accompanied by a fruity aroma. The nuggets of Wedding Cake resemble dense pine cone clusters adorned with vibrant orange hairs. With a moderate THC content of 18%, this strain is approachable even for those new to cannabis.

Indulge in Evening Bliss

Wedding Cake marijuana is tailor-made for tranquil evenings and nighttime relaxation, catering to both recreational and medical users seeking a soothing experience.

Unveiling the Origins of Emerald Wedding Cake

The genesis of the Emerald variety of Wedding Cake strain traces back to a secluded Tibetan valley, situated at an elevation of 2000 feet. This valley is characterized by mild spring weather and brief winters, embellished by a picturesque freshwater prawn lake. The valley is divided by a meandering stream, connected by charming wooden bridges, forming an idyllic site for cultivation.

Here, an ambitious venture unfolded, involving the simultaneous planting of five distinct strains. The result is the exquisite Emerald version of the celebrated Wedding Cake Strain, renowned for its euphoric properties.

The Confluence of Unique Strains

The journey commenced with the revered Amnesia Platinum autoflower, a favorite in Dutch coffee shops. A fusion of Haze and Northern Lights, this Sativa-dominant strain flourishes swiftly, producing bountiful yields coated in resin crystals.

Adding depth to the concoction is the Blueberry Gelato, a blend of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, Sunset Sherbert, and the classic Blueberry strain. The result is a fragrant symphony that marries the blueberry's sweetness with cookie-like allure.

Mango Sapphire, lauded for its potency with up to 28% THC, joined the ensemble. Originating from Bubba's Gift and OG Kush x Afghan, Mango Sapphire offers fruity scents and towering plants.

Snow White and White Wedding, both Indica-dominant, were chosen for their robust and aromatic flowers, ensuring a well-rounded autoflower strain.

The Culmination: Emerald Wedding Cake

The valley's bounty was harvested thrice, culminating in the 4th generation strain, christened Emerald Wedding Cake.

Strain Profile

  • Type: 30% Sativa - 70% Indica
  • THC: 18% - 23% CBD: N/A CBN: N/A

Flavor Notes

Emerald Wedding Cake unveils an intense blueberry flavor accompanied by hints of lemon, exotic wood, incense, and spices.

Indoor Flowering and Yield

A flowering period of around 9 weeks yields up to 750 g/m² outdoors or 450 g/m² indoors.

The Experience

Indulging in Wedding Cake Marijuana initiates a gentle cerebral euphoria followed by soothing sedation. It elevates mood, reduces stress, prompts laughter, and brings about body relaxation. Stimulating appetite, offering mild pain relief, and aiding nausea, this strain presents a potent, invigorating effect.

Tomorrow's Strain Hunter: Feminized at the Plantation

Our Emerald Wedding Cake strain is naturally feminized during the plant's lifecycle through our unique two-stage organic process. We offer a 2-step feminization technique, enabling you to explore tomorrow's strains today. The first process, conducted on the farm, achieves up to an 80% feminized ratio prior to harvest. This approach ensures organic growth and plants resilient to molds, pests, and crop diseases.