Gelato 33 Regular Kush Seeds


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Introducing our Gelato 33 Kush strain, an exceptional culmination of our fourth-generation cultivation, meticulously crafted to yield sizeable, THC-rich buds.

Gelato 33 Kush represents a harmonious fusion of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC, resulting in a hybrid marijuana strain. Embodying its Cookie lineage, Gelato #33 Kush boasts compact buds that faithfully reflect its genetic origins. The strain's distinctive appearance features vibrant orange hairs adorning dark green to purple buds, a hallmark of Gelato phenotypes.

Delight in the tantalizing interplay of sweet citrus and fruity notes within Gelato #33 Kush's flavor profile. This exquisite strain offers an invigorating and uplifting high, making it an ideal companion for unwinding after a demanding day.

Balancing its genetic heritage, Gelato 33 Kush showcases a genetic equilibrium of around 50% Sativa and 50% Indica. This balanced composition translates into a unique combination of traits from both lineages. Terpene-wise, the Sativa influence shines through with prominent notes of gas and caramel, complemented by Indica undertones of floral sweetness and subtle musk.

Prepare your palate for a symphony of flavors including sweet caramel, gas, cinnamon, floral hints, and musk. As you embark on your high, you'll experience a gradual onset that soon envelops you in a pleasantly stoned state while maintaining mental clarity and focus. The initial euphoria and cerebral uplift transition into a more introspective and relaxing phase, allowing you to engage in contemplation as your body finds tranquility.

Remarkably, Gelato's well-balanced genetics avert the risk of couchlock and excessive cravings. This makes it a fantastic choice for afternoon and early evening consumption. Our Gelato 33 Kush strain is a suggested option for addressing various concerns such as depression, anxiety, weight management, stress, tension, nausea, and mild pain.

With a recent THC testing result of 20.61%, our Gelato 33 Kush underscores its potency. Originating from the Kush mountains, the seeds' precise journey to our team remains shrouded in mystery. However, we assure you that they successfully reached us. Starting with guerrilla cultivation in a secluded, contested forest area, we later transitioned to a legal, covered growth space in an undisclosed, serene part of Asia.

We are dedicated to supporting a peaceful cause and advocating for the rightful return of land in the face of communist-backed aggression. Our cultivation takes place in a remote, sparsely populated old-growth forest, where fresh air and pest-free conditions contribute to the exceptional quality of our Gelato 33 Kush strain.