Durban Poison photoperiod cannabis seeds


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Discovered by Dutch colonists in the early 20th century, Durban Poison has become a globally renowned and coveted African Sativa. Notably, it's lauded for its potency, ease of cultivation, and impressive yields, particularly when compared to other pure Sativa strains.

Our exclusive rendition of Durban Poison delivers a prolonged euphoric experience, effectively easing mental, emotional, and physical discomfort, all while boasting a delightful taste and aroma.

Consistently upholding superior genetic standards, our dedicated farmer has consistently cultivated these replica seeds to perfection.

Among the myriad versions of Durban Poison available, our feminized variant stands out as the choice of discerning professional growers.

Sporting an intimidating name indicative of its potent effects, Durban Poison is a genuine South African sativa landrace. This robust and resinous strain thrives across diverse growing conditions.

Potency: Durban Poison boasts a THC content ranging from 18% to 25%, with recent testing showing a THC level of 20.83%.

Buds of Durban Poison exhibit a medium to large size. While their dense and compact structure reflects indica genetics, their elongated, tapered shape aligns with sativa characteristics.

Rich forest green leaves contrast against vibrant orange pistils, designed to capture pollen from male pollinating plants. A coat of milky-white trichomes lends the cured flowers a slight sheen and an immensely adhesive texture.

The fragrance of Durban Poison is distinctly dank, accompanied by subtle notes of sweet licorice. Upon breaking or combustion, the flowers emit a robust skunky aroma, producing a thick, lung-expanding smoke.

The exhalation reveals the licorice undertone alongside a hint of sweet, almost sugary pine resin.

Effect Profile: Durban Poison marijuana strain rapidly induces a potent cerebral high. It elevates mood, bolsters energy levels, creativity, vitality, and social interactions, often inducing laughter. The strain is effective in alleviating depression, mitigating stress, and stimulating appetite.

Natural Feminization in the Plant Life Cycle: Our approach integrates natural feminization seamlessly within the plant's life cycle.

Revolutionary Feminization via Our Dual-Stage Organic Process: Participate in the future of strain cultivation with our innovative two-stage organic feminization technique.

Our methodology employs a two-phase feminization process, empowering you to foster feminization. The initial phase transpires on the farm, feminizing plants pre-harvest, achieving an impressive 80% feminization ratio. This seed production method yields organically grown seeds coupled with plants displaying remarkable resistance to mold, pests, and crop diseases.

The Durban Poison strain represents our sixth-generation harvest of large, THC-rich buds. This particular strain traces its origins back to the Kush mountains.

Although the precise journey of the original seeds to our team remains uncertain, we assure you they were successfully acquired.

Subsequently, our team cultivated the strain in a remote, contested forest region, employing discreet gorilla growing techniques. Finally, our operations transitioned to a secure, covered cultivation space within a legally recognized area in Azia.

While specifics about the location remain undisclosed, rest assured it's nestled within a serene, sparsely populated segment of an ancient forest, enveloped by pure air and free from pests.

What we can share is our commitment to supporting a country's quest for peace and the rightful reclamation of land against communist-backed aggression.

We sincerely appreciate your support.