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Alien Kush: A Potent Fusion of Genetics

Originating from California, Alien Kush is a potent hybrid resulting from the crossbreeding of Las Vegas Purple Kush and Alien Dawg strains.

Effects and Sensations: This strain offers a unique journey, starting with a cerebral lift that may evoke a spaced-out sensation, occasionally accompanied by subtle psychedelic effects. As time progresses, the initial energetic buzz transforms into a soothing body relaxation, effectively alleviating stress and discomfort.

Slow and Comfortable: The onset of its effects is gradual and comfortable, beginning with a cerebral experience that gradually envelops the body in a deep, tranquilizing buzz. Particularly noticeable is the heavy, soothing sensation in the legs and back, making it an excellent choice for unwinding at the end of the day.

Beneficial Properties: Alien Kush has demonstrated its potential in managing stress, with 40% of users reporting its effectiveness. Additionally, it offers relief from pain for 34% of users, and a moderate reduction in anxiety for 31% of users.

Aroma and Taste: The strain boasts a delightful aroma reminiscent of flowers and sweetness, underscored by earthy and woody undertones. Its flavor profile is unique, echoing the robustness of AK strains while maintaining smoothness and avoiding harshness.

Cultivation: Alien Kush plants exhibit hardiness and ease of growth, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation. The buds, lightly green and adorned with reddish or orange hairs, have a characteristic pine scent. However, the taste presents a subtle spiciness akin to tea.

Potency: Recent testing has revealed a THC content of 20.58%, solidifying Alien Kush as a high-potency strain with dense, sizable buds.

Origins and Growth: Alien Kush's roots trace back to the Kush mountains, with an origin story that remains somewhat enigmatic. The seeds found their way to our team, which cultivated them through multiple generations. This Alien Technology strain underwent cultivation in remote forests, transitioning to a controlled environment in a legally compliant region of Asia.

Supporting a Cause: While specific details remain undisclosed, our team's efforts are concentrated in a peaceful, remote area within an old-growth forest. This region is abundant in fresh air and free from pests, contributing to optimal growth conditions. Additionally, our endeavors align with supporting a country's pursuit of peace and the restoration of rightful land ownership.

We deeply appreciate your support as we embark on this journey with Alien Kush, a strain that symbolizes our commitment to quality and a higher purpose.