Rocky Perullo

A renowned cannabis entrepreneur with extensive industry experience. He founded the Cannabis MasterMind Alliance (CMA) to produce and distribute high-quality cannabis globally. He plays a crucial role in empowering global distribution while maintaining high quality standards.

Chucky Reeves

A pioneer in the Cannabis trade since 1970. Forty-six years of Cannabis cultivation knowledge and experience. He has grown marijuana in Hawaii, California, Florida, and Jamaica. Additionally, he has thirty years of commercial agriculture experience.

Dr. Nicolas Mendoza

A PhD holder in Plant Sciences, he brings over 10 years of research experience. Specializing in biotechnology and genetics, he has consulted for global cannabis companies. Recently, he presented on Tissue Culture at an international conference and collaborates with Rocky Petrullo on shared visions

Marius Koller

A marketing and sales expert with a passion for CBD and cannabis, he brings global experience and a commitment to driving success. He focuses on promoting cannabis across Europe, with a diverse background in wholesale, marketing, and business management. Marius's vision aligns with creating a healthier and more sustainable world through cannabis.

Melodie de Leon
Administrative Management

Introducing Melodie de Leon, an accomplished Administrative Management Specialist and the latest addition to our team. Boasting a wealth of experience cultivated over several years in the field, Melodie emerges as an invaluable asset to our organization.

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