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Our newest Greenhouse

Our new greenhouse provides a controlled environment that enhances the growth conditions for our clones, offering advantages such as improved root development, optimal nutrient absorption, and the preservation of unique terpene profiles.

The state-of-the-art climate control systems in our new greenhouse ensure that our clones benefit from optimal light, temperature, and humidity levels, thereby accelerating growth and maximizing genetic potential. The pictures here are the clones for our government's PEA.

Rocky's 1980 Lambsbread

Rocky's Reggae

On the left Rocky's "1980 Lambsbread" that OWL imported and kept seeds - famously called “Rocky’s Reggae”. Second up- "Colombian Gold" part of our collection. On the right OWL's newest greenhouse showcasing our first of three 10 strain PEA - here mothers and clones in this photo.

From Mothers - to Clones - to Mothers

Our 1980 Lambsbread mothers and clones to become mothers. OWL uses Nano Technology to clone our Mothers, ensuring that every new Mother is identical, which offers advantages such as uniformity in subsequent generations, higher levels of control and accuracy, as well as cost-effectiveness and speed in the cloning process.

Cloning marijuana plants ensures not only the consistent production of specific THC or CBD concentrations but also the preservation of unique terpene profiles, which are responsible for the plant's aroma and can also have therapeutic properties.

Colombia Updates: First 5 strains rooting to start P.E.A.’s (government agronomic evaluation)

The first 2 strains rooting to start the PEAs (Blue Dream and - Colombian Gold) CBD under 1% THC, we can produce without quota. After registering the genetics on our side, we do not need a quota to produce CBD, That is just for THC. A purchase order showed to the government results in an amount we can grow for that order, which is called a “quota.”

We can produce a CBD flower batch without a PO or quota and have inventory On the THC side, we do need a quota and for that an LOI or PO to produce the desired amount.” If the order later fails, the grown ganja must be destroyed. Cannot be stored long. The surrounding property we can use to scale. Starting Colombia Gold and Blue Dream for PEA Our CBD mother -strain ACDC.