Licensed to Grow and to Export Globally

Thru our licensed grow and export partners we bring a Marijuana World Tour to our customers offering genetics from Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Jamaica, Mexico, Colombia, Hawaii, Panama, and the United States. Since we bank deposit our cannabis genetics in a laboratory with tissue culture, we can fulfill orders for identical THC product’s weekly, monthly, yearly, and for decades with exactly the same genetic characteristics. Some countries will suggest that growing seasonally and not year-round or in a building can be economical for their industry; however, Europe or latitudes outside of the tropics cannot provide the low cost, high quality, and year-round production that we can on the equator. This is called this “sustainability”, a worldwide concept in every commodity, product, and business. Importing from Colombia, as “the marijuana brand of the century”, who has been the historical world supplier, is the best solution for countries that legalize THC. Ask yourself: does every country grow year-round flowers, bananas, coffee, avocados, and the like, especially in Europe or in the Northern hemisphere? No, they Countries will import from geographies that can grow the products most economically and have year-round production with consistent quality. The result is that our wholesale prices will be lower than other sources, which in turn creates opportunities for our customers.

So, what differentiates OWL from other licensed international growers and exporters? Why buy legal THC oil extract and flower exclusively from our Colombian farms?

The answer to these two questions is simple.

First, unlike others who offer genetically altered and hybridized strains, we travel the world for the most famous, and natural original Landrace strains, which are very difficult to acquire. These then Heirloom strains become Tissue Culture and are added to our seedbank. Second, we register these strains with the licensing authority. Third, we grow each strain and follow our double phenotype SOP selection process. The Fourth step is when the best of the best plants is selected, they are Tissue Cultured and stored until a production order is received from one or more of the Lab Reports/ COA’s in our catalog menu. On demand, Just-In-Time, custom cannabis plant production from a collection of genetics readily available means we can quickly cultivate strains to best meet customer needs and ensure the shipped product is fresh and not old, warehoused material. However, despite specializing in Landrace/Heirloom strains, we also offer our customers special hybrid strains that have become world famous like Girl Scout Cookies, Blue Dream, and Northern Lights which also will be grown in Colombia.

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