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Venezuela's Stance in the Midst of Global Cannabis Policy Reform

Efforts to update cannabis laws are gaining momentum around the world, with positive outcomes where adult-use cannabis is legal. It's a fact that people will continue to use cannabis, and managing its sale and use is a more effective public policy than outright banning it.

However, not everyone in public office agrees with this approach. Some officials still hold on to outdated views against cannabis, possibly to avoid changes in policy that would modernize regulations.

One notable critic is Venezuela's Attorney General Tarek William Saab. He recently criticized officials in other countries who are working to update their cannabis laws. According to World Nation News, Saab questioned the benefits of legalizing cannabis, suggesting that it only profits a select few while questioning its morality.

Saab's remarks reflect a larger trend of skepticism among some officials about cannabis reform, often without providing detailed arguments. In the past, such opposition was often unchallenged due to a lack of platforms for counterarguments and support for cannabis reform.

Today, the situation is different. Information supporting the benefits of cannabis and its regulation is widely available, including numerous studies on its potential health benefits. Moreover, regulated cannabis sales are contributing to public funds and social projects, contrasting with the past when such profits went to illegal activities.


Source: International CBC