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Study Reveals Sports Medicine Physicians Hold Positive Views on CBD and Cannabis

A recent survey involving 333 sports medicine experts has brought to light important viewpoints on CBD and cannabis use in sports. Published in the respected journal Translational Sports Medicine, the study reveals a mostly positive attitude towards these substances among the medical professionals surveyed, with a significant number advocating for the removal of marijuana from the World Anti-Doping Agency's (WADA) banned list. This reflects a growing call for rethinking the rules around cannabis in sports, considering its potential upsides and downsides.


The survey shows that many sports medicine professionals are open to both recreational and medical use of marijuana. However, there are varied opinions in the field, influenced by factors like the doctors' age, gender, and where they work. For example, female doctors, older professionals, and those in rural areas were more cautious about recreational marijuana use and its status on banned substance lists.


On the other hand, younger male doctors were more open, often not seeing marijuana as something that boosts performance. This highlights the complex mix of personal beliefs, professional experiences, and changing social views on cannabis.


The survey also looked at attitudes towards CBD, which WADA removed from its banned list in 2018. A large portion of the respondents, 72%, agreed with this move, and 59% would like to see cannabis fully removed from the banned list. This is key in the ongoing discussion about cannabis in sports, as it involves balancing fairness and athlete health with the possible therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids.


The study found that sports medicine providers have different levels of comfort in recommending CBD and cannabis for things like chronic pain, concussions, and anxiety related to sports. This shift in how these products is viewed, from being off-limits to potentially helpful, is significant.


The research also points out a wider change in how CBD and cannabis are seen in the sports medicine community, driven by new research and CBD becoming more common. Although there's a clear preference for CBD over THC products, likely due to CBD's non-intoxicating effects and safety profile, the study suggests a need for more understanding of how these substances affect athletic performance and health.


Moreover, the study acknowledges its limits, like its small sample size and its snapshot nature, which might not capture changing opinions over time. It also mentions the possibility of bias due to the sensitive nature of the topic.


Given these insights, the study underscores the importance of ongoing research and education in sports medicine regarding the use of CBD and cannabis. As laws and attitudes towards cannabis evolve, there's a crucial need for clear, research-based advice for athletes and sports professionals on safely using these substances. This ongoing conversation is part of a broader reevaluation of cannabis policies in sports, pushed forward by notable cases and increasing advocacy for change. As sports organizations around the world tackle these issues, the perspectives from the sports medicine field offer valuable guidance for the way forward.


Source: Marijuana Moment