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Spain's Path to Medical Cannabis Regulation: A Convergence of Heritage and Healing

Last month, Spain's officials declared their intention to revisit and advance a measure to establish a regulatory framework for medical cannabis within the country. Presently, the domestic cannabis sector in Spain is largely unregulated, with legal medical cannabis activities confined to exportation.


Recent studies reveal that 84% of the Spanish population backs the idea of regulating medical cannabis, according to data from CIS. Furthermore, a significant portion of the members of Spain's Parliament are in favor of reforming medical cannabis policies.


Despite this, there has traditionally been a considerable gap between the opposition to cannabis in Spain's Parliament and the actual situation within Spanish communities. Spain has one of the highest rates of cannabis usage globally, and the country is home to hundreds of private cannabis clubs. Yet, substantial reform and regulation have consistently been hard to achieve.


The lack of a regulated medical cannabis program hasn't stopped people from using cannabis. Instead, it has compelled patients in need to rely on unregulated sources for their medication, which is far from ideal. Recent developments suggest that reforms in medical cannabis legislation might be on the horizon, expected to unfold 'in the coming months,' according to Business of Cannabis.


Spain's recently appointed health minister, Mónica García Gómez, announced in her inaugural Congress address her determination to implement a medical cannabis regulatory framework, a plan that has been delayed for over a year. She outlined her strategy to 'revisit' and act upon the findings already endorsed by the lower house.


The precise timing for when the medical cannabis bill will be put to a vote in Spain's Parliament remains uncertain, as does the outcome of such a vote. Nonetheless, there is a growing momentum for this initiative in Spain, hinging on the ability of its advocates within Parliament to navigate the obstacles erected by detractors.


To effectively regulate medical cannabis products and trade, local and national legislators in Spain must collaborate, moving beyond denial and inaction that only serves to empower criminal organizations at the cost of public health.

Source: International CBC