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Healing Beyond Boundaries: Germany's Embrace of Medical Cannabis

In Germany, a well-established medical cannabis program offers patients a range of treatment options. Since 2017, German doctors have been allowed to prescribe various cannabis-based medicines.


In contrast, other nations with medical cannabis programs often impose much stricter controls and guidelines. Germany's approach to medical cannabis, with its broad patient base, provides valuable insights for research and offers a model for what comprehensive medical cannabis programs can look like.


A recent survey among German pain sufferers revealed a preference for cannabis over traditional medications for its effectiveness. Here's a summary of the findings from a NORML news release:


In Berlin, a survey among patients with chronic conditions, including pain, indicates a preference for cannabis over conventional treatments, as reported in Frontiers in Medicine.


The study, conducted by German researchers, evaluated patient experiences with cannabis, which has been available by prescription since 2017 for those not responding to standard treatments. The survey included over 200 participants, primarily chronic pain sufferers, many of whom used cannabis flowers or extracts.


The findings align with previous research, showing that patients experienced less pain after using cannabis. They also reported fewer symptoms of anxiety and depression and expressed higher satisfaction with cannabis compared to previous treatments, with 94% adopting a more favorable view of cannabis after therapy.


The authors of the study concluded, "This survey highlights the perceived benefits and symptom relief by patients using prescribed cannabinoid treatments in Germany."


The full study, titled “Patients’ perspectives on prescription cannabinoid therapies: A cross-sectional, exploratory, anonymous, one-time web-based survey among German patients,” is published in Frontiers in Medicine. NORML's publication, Clinical Applications for Cannabis and Cannabinoids, provides further information on cannabis for chronic pain management.


Source: International CBC