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Green Care: Veterinary Cannabis Solutions for Pets

When thinking about cannabis use, it's common to consider its effects on humans, given our long-standing relationship with the plant. However, humans aren't the only beings with endocannabinoid systems; cats and dogs share this biological system as well.


This shared system suggests that cats and dogs might also experience health benefits from phytocannabinoids, similar to humans. This possibility was the focus of a recent study conducted in Argentina.


Thanks to expanded cannabis research laws in Argentina, notably "laws 27350 and 27669," studies have begun to explore how animals might benefit from phytocannabinoid-based treatments for various ailments.


The Argentine researchers conducted an online survey targeting veterinarians who use cannabis in their practice, particularly those treating dogs and cats, to assess the current state of cannabinoid treatments in veterinary medicine.


Globally, there are around 900 million dogs, with approximately 471 million kept as pets, including an estimated 10.3 million in Germany alone. The worldwide cat population ranges from 600 million to 1 billion.


According to the study's findings, 77% of the treated animals were dogs, and 21% were cats, with the treatments primarily addressing pain, seizures, and behavioral issues in dogs, and a range of seven different conditions in cats. Treatments often involved full-spectrum cannabis extracts, used either as standalone therapies or alongside conventional medications.


The study evaluated the effectiveness of these treatments through clinical assessments, noting varying degrees of improvement in both dogs and cats.


The researchers see these findings as encouraging for the future of medicinal cannabis use in veterinary medicine. They advocate for more professional training, access to quality cannabis products, and further controlled trials to deepen the understanding of how cannabinoids can be used in treating pets.


As research barriers continue to fall worldwide, the intersection of cannabis science and animal health is poised for growth. With the pet industry expected to reach a value of $500 billion by 2030, the potential for cannabis-based animal treatments is significant.


Source: International CBC