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Germany's Finalized Cannabis Legalization Policy Set for April 1 Implementation

Last week, Germany's governing Traffic Light Coalition, composed of the Greens, the Social Democrat Party, and the Liberals, reached an agreement to legalize cannabis across the nation, as reported by Forbes. This decision indicates that a vote in parliament could happen soon, with the new law expected to start on April 1.


This news follows statements from Germany's health minister, expressing optimism for a vote on the proposal to legalize cannabis for adult use in February.


The proposal would allow adults to possess and use cannabis, as well as grow it at home. Sales of cannabis would still be controlled, but from July 1, German residents could join private cannabis clubs where they can obtain, but not consume, cannabis. These clubs will have a limit of 500 members each.


The plan faced delays due to concerns from some members of the Social Democrat Party and international criticism. As a result, the initial idea to permit widespread sales to all adults was scaled back last year. The government decided to conduct an extensive study over several years to explore the effects of a regulated market for adult use, considering the future possibility of retail access.


When this law is in place, Germany will become the third country in the European Union to legalize cannabis for adult use, following Malta and Luxembourg. Many experts in the field believe that Germany's move, being the EU's largest economy, might encourage other EU countries to introduce similar legalization efforts.


Source: Granjapreneur