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Germany Moves Toward Cannabis Reform: Lawmakers Revise Adult-Use Legislation

Last November, German lawmakers reportedly agreed to revise a proposed law that would allow adults to use cannabis. This proposal is currently being reviewed in the Bundestag, Germany's federal parliament.

Members from the SPD, Greens, and FDP parties, part of the ruling coalition, have decided with the Federal Ministry of Health to modify several parts of the original proposal made by Health Minister Karl Lauterbach earlier this year.

Minister Lauterbach introduced his proposal after extensive discussions with the European Union. He emphasized the need for EU approval before Germany could consider any cannabis legalization law.

Some aspects of Lauterbach's initial proposal were criticized by German lawmakers, mainly because of restrictions discussed with the EU, including a ban on regulated sales of cannabis for adult use.

The original proposal did allow for the legal growing, owning, and using of cannabis by adults, and for setting up non-commercial cannabis clubs.

Although the idea of selling cannabis nationwide is not being considered yet, some parts of the proposal have been changed, and a vote on the revised proposal is expected next week. Bundestag member Kirsten Kappert-Gonther shared the updates on social media:

Kappert-Gonther announced, "The #Cannabis law is coming! We're finally ending this unsuccessful ban policy. After tough negotiations, we have a law that protects young people and health, stops criminalizing users, and is workable."

The post continued, "I'm happy about the changes made during the parliamentary process: Consumption bans reduced to 100 meters; Up to 50 grams of dried cannabis allowed for home growing; Adjustments to driving laws with specific limits to be set by @BMDV by spring 2024. Cannabis clubs won't be too close to each other; No criminal charges for carrying small amounts, 25-30 grams in public and 50-60 grams in private. Growing cannabis for medical use will be easier. These improvements make the law even better!"

Kappert-Gonther added, "We haven't implemented communal use in cannabis clubs and edibles yet. But the agreement we've reached is a significant step forward. Thanks to everyone who's fought for this law for years! Next step: Bundestag decision, then we continue with Pillar 2."

Legal Tribune Online mentioned, "The law will be discussed by the main health committee in mid-December and is expected to be passed by the Bundestag the same week. The decriminalization rules should start on April 1, 2024, but new rules for buying cannabis from cultivation associations won't start until July 2024."

Source: International CBC