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Jamaican Medical Cannabis Enters German Market through Strategic Partnership

German Pharmacies Welcome Jamaican Cannabis

Jamaican Lumir medical cannabis is now accessible in German pharmacies, marking its debut in the German medical cannabis market on August 19.

Cantourage, a company based in Germany, has formed an agreement with Cannim, based in Australia, to import Jamaican cannabis products into Germany. This collaboration aims to supply these products to pharmacies and authorized cannabis outlets within the nation.


Challenges in Germany's Medical Marijuana Supply

Since medical marijuana was legalized in 2017, Germany has rapidly emerged as one of the leading markets for medical cannabis in Europe. Nevertheless, the domestic production of cannabis has been insufficient to satisfy the growing demand, leading Germany to rely on imports to ensure an adequate and affordable supply for patients.

Jamaica, known for its rich cannabis culture and high-quality products, has been a key player in this international trade. Cannim's Jamaican Lumir is a prime example of the innovative cannabis products coming from the island.


Introducing Jamaican Lumir Cannabis Flower

Lumir, a medical cannabis product by Cannim, is recognized for its efficacy in treating various medical conditions. It is named after Professor Lumir Ondrej Hanus, a notable figure in cannabis research, and is an indica-dominant strain developed after extensive research.


Cannim's Commitment to Quality

Founded in 2017, Cannim is dedicated to showcasing the therapeutic potentials of cannabis. With facilities in Jamaica, the company focuses on producing high-grade cannabis that meets international medical standards, aiming to enhance global health and wellness.


Cantourage's Strategic Role

Cantourage's innovative Fast Track Access Platform, launched in June 2021, is designed to streamline the process for patients, ensuring efficient manufacturing, importation, and distribution of Cannim's products in Germany and beyond.


Collaboration for European Market Entry

The partnership between Cantourage and Cannim involves Cannim's cultivation expertise and Cantourage's distribution network, aiming to introduce Jamaican cannabis products to European medical patients, starting with Germany.

Cantourage and Cannim's leaders express optimism about the potential of this partnership to diversify and enrich the European medical cannabis market, emphasizing the benefits of competition in improving accessibility and affordability for patients.


Cannim's Assurance of Supply

Cannim assures a consistent supply of its products to the German market, supported by its extensive cultivation operations. The partnership with Cantourage is seen as an opportunity to provide alternative therapies for various medical conditions in Germany.


Product Availability and Future Offerings

Initially, the focus will be on distributing Lumir cannabis flowers to authorized German pharmacies, with the possibility of expanding the product line in the future.



Cannim's Lumir is a significant addition to the European medical cannabis market, facilitated by Cantourage's comprehensive platform. This collaboration is set to enhance the availability of high-quality medical cannabis options in Europe.

Source: Cannabis.net.