GRN Holding Corp Forges Dynamic Partnership with One World Legends to Revolutionize Global Cannabis Distribution


ESTERO, Fl. – Aug 15, 2023 -- InvestorsHub NewsWire -- GRN Holding Corporation (OTC Pink: GRNF) and Marijuana Inc., which have recently merged into a unified entity, are proud to announce a strategic joint venture with One World Legends (OWL), a distinguished player in the cannabis sector. This collaboration signifies a significant leap forward in shaping the trajectory of the cannabis industry, propelling innovation, fostering growth, and enabling worldwide cooperation.

Donald Steinberg, CEO of Marijuana Inc., expressed his excitement, stating, "Over the past 2 years, we have been diligently working with One World Legends on this transformative initiative. The joint venture represents a powerful amalgamation of expertise, vision, and unwavering dedication. OWL boasts an impressive selection of seventeen (17) Landrace strains, including iconic classics like Acapulco Gold, Maui Wowie, Colombian Punta Roja, Durban poison, Jamaican Lambs Breath, Thailand, and more. Additionally, OWL is cultivating an additional twenty (20) of the most renowned hybrid strains in the world, which are currently thriving in Colombia, poised for global distribution. Government inspectors have attested to the unmatched quality of strains cultivated on OWL's licensed Colombian farm. Mr. Petrullo's unique business plan, now in motion, lays the foundation for widespread distribution of both CBD and THC flower varieties."

The strategic alignment of Marijuana Inc. and One World Legends holds the potential to reshape the cannabis industry landscape. Anchored in shared values of excellence, sustainability, and groundbreaking solutions, this partnership aims to redefine industry norms and empower stakeholders on a global scale.

Rocky Petrullo, President of One World Legends (OWL), shares his visionary perspective: "One World Legends embarked on a groundbreaking strategy to source the foundational parent strains that underpin the hybrid strains available worldwide today. These 'Landrace' strains, in their unaltered state, represent nature's original botanical essence—cannabis, beloved by connoisseurs seeking an authentic experience. Our chosen legendary cannabis strains are not only renowned but also contribute to holistic well-being of mind, body, and spirit. Following sourcing, our vision led us to cultivate, harvest, test, and secure export certification, a process currently underway. Upon successful agronomic evaluations, OWL plans to distribute a menu of thirty cannabis strain Certificates of Analysis (COA) to licensed importers, distributors, connoisseurs, and Medical/Scientific Organizations Worldwide. This selection will encompass esteemed 'Colombian' and other global landrace strains, alongside renowned hybrids, positioning us competitively in the global market. OWL's pioneering strategies encompass 'preserving the past to ensure the future' of cannabis strains, achieved through the science of tissue culture, ensuring enduring genetic preservation and minimizing risks associated with contamination and depletion of mother plants. Our commitment extends to exact genetic replication for every order via tissue-culture banking (micro-propagation), along with crafting medically significant cannabis products through nanotechnology and DNA science. Our promise is consistent genetic quality shipment after shipment, while also enabling the creation of new hybrids for years to come."

OWL's Vision: To emerge as the premier supplier of Landrace, Heirloom, and Premium cannabis flower, plantlets, clones, seeds, and products to licensed importers, in addition to distributing extracts, edibles, and other finished cannabis goods on a global scale.

International Sales Strategy: OWL has established a strong foothold and customer base across numerous countries, with our Berlin Office effectively servicing European customers with timely and exceptional customer care. Given the recognized superiority of equator-grown cannabis and the cost-effective labor and infrastructure, OWL anticipates favorable reception of its cultivars in European markets, offering both importers and distributors cost-effective pricing and enhanced profitability. The roadmap includes plans to establish offices in import-legal countries as the opportune moment arises.

This alliance ushers in a new era for the cannabis industry, harnessing the synergies of Marijuana Inc. and OWL to lead innovation, foster customer satisfaction, and contribute to the ongoing evolution of the sector.

The impressive track record of One World Legends in the cannabis realm, coupled with technological advancements and market insights, perfectly complements the achievements of both companies.

As pioneers in their respective domains, Marijuana Inc. and OWL are united by a shared vision to propel the cannabis industry forward. This collaboration underscores their unwavering commitment to elevating industry benchmarks, expanding market reach, and promoting responsible utilization of cannabis-based products.

Clients, partners, and stakeholders of GRN Holding Corp can anticipate an array of pioneering initiatives, products, and services as a direct outcome of this collaboration, all aimed at reshaping the future landscape of the cannabis industry.

About GRN Holding Corporation (GRNF): GRN Holding Corporation, now integrated into a consolidated entity with Marijuana Inc., is a publicly listed company. GRN Holding Corporation is currently in the process of rebranding to Marijuana Inc. and updating its ticker symbol. The company is engaged in the legal distribution and sale of marijuana in regions and nations where it is permitted. Collaborating with marijuana farmers, the company aims to distribute high-quality, affordable marijuana to legal consumers, wholesalers, and retailers.

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