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Germany's Green Future: A New Chapter in Cannabis Legislation

The main advantage for those against cannabis where it's illegal lies in maintaining the current situation. A prime example of this is in Germany, where attempts to pass a crucial law for the legalization of cannabis for adult use have recently stalled.


Dirk Heidenblut of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) shared on social media that the German parliament, the Bundestag, won't be considering the cannabis legalization bill this year. Reports suggest the SPD's parliamentary group is responsible for this last-minute decision to halt the vote.


Legal Tribune Online reported, "It's still uncertain whether the SPD's leadership disagrees with the bill's content or if they find the timing inappropriate due to the budget crisis. Despite the SPD spokesperson's assurances, there's still a chance the bill could be completely blocked at the last minute."


An update last week indicated that coalition members had agreed to amend parts of the bill. Kirsten Kappert-Gonther of the Bundestag outlined these revisions in a social media update, translating to, "The cannabis law is on its way! We're finally ending the failed prohibition policy. The revised bill now prioritizes youth and health protection, ends criminalization, and is practical."


The update further mentioned, "I'm thrilled with the improvements made during the parliamentary process: Consumption bans reduced to 100 meters; home cultivation limit set at 50 grams of dried cannabis; adjustments to driving license regulations to be set by @BMDV by spring 2024. The law now includes no criminal penalties for possession of small amounts in public (25-30 grams) and private (50-60 grams), only administrative penalties. It also simplifies cannabis cultivation for medical use."


Kappert-Gonther added, "We haven't yet implemented communal consumption in cannabis clubs and edibles. But the agreements we've reached are a significant step forward. A big thank you to everyone who's fought for this law for years! The next step is a Bundestag decision, and then we continue to work on the second pillar."


Cannabis supporters both in and outside Germany are hopeful for an early vote in 2024, believing the bill is close to passing. Despite the setbacks in 2023, there's hope that 2024 will be the year cannabis legalization crosses the finish line in one of the world's most influential countries.

Source: International CBC