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Aurora Cannabis Pioneers Medical Marijuana Delivery in France, Following Jamaica's Lead into Europe

The global cannabis landscape is witnessing significant shifts, with Germany and France making strides by importing legal cannabis from countries like Jamaica. Aurora Cannabis has recently made headlines by delivering the first batch of cannabis to France, hot on the heels of Jamaica's cannabis shipments to Germany, signaling a burgeoning interest in tapping into the lucrative cannabis market beyond American borders.


France's inaugural cannabis consignment, facilitated by Aurora Cannabis, marks the commencement of the country's pilot program aimed at exploring medical cannabis use. This initial shipment, targeting a select group of patients, could potentially herald a new era for the cannabis market in France. Aurora Germany GmbH, a subsidiary of Aurora Cannabis Inc., in collaboration with Ethypharm, played a pivotal role in this landmark delivery, aimed at jumpstarting France's inaugural cannabis initiative under the oversight of the National Agency for Safety Medicines and Health Products (ANSM).


The collaboration, formalized in October 2020, outlines Aurora's responsibility to supply medical cannabis from its Aurora Nordic production facility, while Ethypharm is tasked with the distribution across France. This program, characterized by its provision of free medical cannabis, represents a significant step towards destigmatizing and recognizing the medicinal value of cannabis in France.


Miguel Martin, CEO of Aurora, expressed the company's honor in contributing to France's medical cannabis pilot program, emphasizing the importance of equitable patient access and the potential for destigmatization. Aurora's commitment to product quality and compliance has positioned it as a leader in the international medical cannabis market, securing three out of nine tenders and setting a precedent for future market developments.


Ethypharm's engagement in the program is driven by a desire to support patients with chronic pain, leveraging its pharmaceutical expertise and longstanding consumer trust. The collaboration aims to introduce medical cannabis as a viable alternative for patients when other treatments fall short, with Ethypharm poised to navigate the complexities of cannabis medicine in partnership with French health officials and physicians.


The pilot program features three distinct types of dried cannabis flowers, catering to varying patient needs with different THC and CBD concentrations. These include the high-THC Aurora 20/1 XPE, the balanced Aurora 8/8 XPE, and the high-CBD Aurora 1/12 XPE, all intended for use with specific vaporizers.


Initiated in October 2020, the French pilot program is designed as a two-year experiment to assess the impact of medical cannabis on approximately 3,000 patients, particularly those with chronic pain resistant to conventional treatments. This non-scientific trial aims to gather real-world data on cannabis efficacy and side effects, contributing to a deeper understanding of its medical potential.


Aurora Cannabis is among six foreign companies participating in France's medical cannabis program, highlighting the country's reliance on international suppliers due to domestic THC restrictions. France's experiment with medical cannabis, alongside other European nations, underscores a cautious yet progressive approach toward integrating cannabis into the medical landscape, with potential implications for broader legalization efforts in the future.


In summary, Aurora Cannabis's breakthrough in delivering medical cannabis to France, in collaboration with Ethypharm, signifies a pivotal moment for the French cannabis market. This development, reflective of a growing trend toward international cannabis trade, suggests a burgeoning readiness for an expanded and regulated cannabis industry in Europe, with France at the forefront of this transformative journey.