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2023 Cannabis Sector Highlights: Global Developments and Milestones

The year 2023 marked significant developments in the cannabis sector, encompassing scientific research, industry advancements, and political changes.

Here's a summary of the most notable events from 2023, not in any specific sequence:

Historical Event in Slovenia's Cannabis Sector: Dr. Metka Paragi, Secretary for Health in the Slovenian Prime Minister’s cabinet, made history by presenting at the International Cannabis Business Conference in Bled, Slovenia. This marked the first time a government official at such a high level participated in a global cannabis event.

German Cannabis Legislation Progress: A major highlight of the year was Germany's proposed legalization measure. Despite not gaining complete approval from the Bundestag, its formal recognition by the Federal Cabinet was a groundbreaking step, contributing to Europe's growing momentum for cannabis reform.

Passing of a Cannabis Science Icon: The cannabis world mourned the loss of Professor Raphael Mechoulam, a pioneering scientist known as the 'Godfather of Cannabis Science,' who passed away in March. Mechoulam's groundbreaking discoveries significantly advanced cannabis science.

Japan's Shift on Cannabis-Derived Medications: Japan's parliament approved a measure lifting the ban on cannabis-derived medicines, creating a legal avenue for eligible patients to access medical cannabis products, though with certain limitations.

Luxembourg's Legalization of Cannabis: In a major legislative move, Luxembourg authorized the personal use and cultivation of cannabis, allowing adults to grow up to four plants and possess up to three grams of cannabis.

South Africa's Legalization Progress: The National Assembly of South Africa passed an adult-use cannabis legalization measure, aiming to formalize a 2018 court decision that overturned cannabis prohibition and to strengthen the legal cannabis industry.

Extension of French Medical Cannabis Trial: France's ongoing medical cannabis trial, involving 2,540 patients, received an extension for at least another year, offering continued access to participants.

Australia's Legalization Proposal: Senator David Shoebridge introduced the 'Legalising Cannabis Bill 2023' in Australia's parliament, a historic move to legalize recreational cannabis use nationwide.

EU's Stance on Hemp Leaves: The European Commission reclassified hemp leaves, removing them from the Novel Food category under EU law, thus enabling the sale of hemp-infused teas and similar products across member states.

Malta's Cannabis Club Licensing: Malta, having legalized cannabis nationally in 2021, began issuing licenses to noncommercial cannabis clubs this year, a first in Europe.

Advocacy for Higher THC Limits in Canada: Canadian advocates pushed to increase the THC content in edibles from 10mg to 100mg per unit, five years after the country's legalization of adult-use cannabis.

Netherlands' Cannabis Commerce Trials: The Netherlands commenced limited trials for adult-use cannabis commerce after multiple delays, fulfilling part of a 2017 coalition agreement.

Expansion of Swiss Pilot Programs:

Switzerland introduced several adult-use cannabis pilot programs to gather data on consumer purchasing patterns through legal purchases from licensed retailers.

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