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Rocky Petrullo is a strong cannabis entrepreneur with fifty (50) years of experience in the U.S., Jamaica, and Colombia cannabis industry. His experience, knowledge, and reputation has led to the formation of a Cannabis MasterMind Alliance (CMA) of specialized cannabis partners and associates who when combined can avoid the mistakes non-cannabis experience investors and start-ups have and will continue to suffer. The CMA is setting sites on high quality, high volume, medically significant cannabis for global distribution. In addition to Rocky’s cannabis pioneering successes and experiences, he attained a BS and MS from the Arizona State University School of Engineering, specializing in Environmental Management, Regulations, and Water Quality. Rocky Petrullo is the President of One World Legends, Inc. His background includes being a cannabis pioneer in Florida, Jamaica, and Columbia back in the 1970’s. 

Since 2015, he put his past experience to work and successfully entered back into the legal cannabis industry in Jamaica where he founded one of the first International Cannabis Corporations. There he acquired 4 legal cannabis licenses and sited, built, licensed and opened a marijuana dispensary in Ocho Rios. Covid prevented the building of the licensed cannabis grow farm. He sold his Jamaican Corporation and its licenses and assets to an American publicly traded cannabis company. During his five (5) years living in Jamaica he established new connections in the cannabis community which are being fostered for the development of a global supply and distribution network. 

Currently, his operations have moved into Colombia where he is actively researching and laying the groundwork for the growing and exporting of landrace and classic heirloom medical strains to countries where it is legal to do so. Beyond his experience specific to the cannabis plant, Rocky was an Arizona Department of Environmental Quality water quality expert, an Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Officer, the Environmental Agencies Strategic Management Consultant to the Directors Office, and an EPA compliance officer. He has scientific understanding of water quality issues in the west, especially Arizona, which can significantly affect cannabis growing in commercial operations or at the home grow level. The desert has many more contaminated water issues than he had to deal with in the Caribbean or South America. 

While testing water himself in Arizona and inspecting water systems he understands that even the water provided by cities and towns, there are naturally occurring contamination like arsenic, fluoride, nitrates, Radiation, Total Dissolved Solids, Minerals, and there are surface water quality issues (CAP Canal water). These all lead to the importance of filtration and water treatment for commercial cannabis; especially in the west and he has focused in on water treatment systems that ensures water safety for small home grows to large commercial operations. A marijuana plant is 95% water. Rocky is a strong cannabis entrepreneur with many years of experience to support global distribution and an expert in water purity which can ensure your cannabis products will be the best they can be.

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