Rachelle Bautista

Legal Senior Administrative Assistant

Legal Senior Administrative Assistant, Rachelle Bautista has been a valuable member of the team for years, serving as a legal assistant at Marius Koller companies Supply Disaster and House yacht Living. Her decade of experience in the field has made her an invaluable asset to our organisations. With her deep understanding of the administrative and legal landscape, acquired during her previous role as a Legal Secretary at Mahmood Hussain Advocates & Legal Consultancy, she has significantly contributed to our firm's success.

Throughout her career, Rachelle has consistently excelled in ensuring smooth office operations. Her time at MOST Law Firm demonstrated her ability to navigate complex administrative tasks, while her leadership skills at Unbridled, Inc. and Link Energie Realty & Development Inc. showcased her capacity to take charge and drive results.

During the position of Legal Administrative Assistant at Supply Disaster, where she provided strategic support to the team as well as House Yacht Living. In addition to her core responsibilities, Rachelle has taken on the role of Supply Accounts Manager, efficiently streamlining global order fulfilment, even during the challenging times brought about by the pandemic.

Due to her exceptional capabilities, Rachelle has recently been promoted to the role of Legal Senior Administrative Assistant for our esteemed team at One World Legends. Her unwavering dedication, wealth of experience, and proven track record make her an indispensable asset, ready to make significant contributions to our organisations success.

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