Marius Koller

EU Sales and Marketing Director

Marius Koller, a globally experienced marketing and sales professional with a passion for the cannabis industry, has a diverse background.

He began in wholesale and foreign trade, marketing studies at VWA Munich, then contributed to award-winning campaigns at “Start Advertising” as “best agency of the year” in 1994 for the MTV Germany campaign.

Further co-founded businesses like "Body Health Center." Explored the potential of natural medicine including cannabis, he pursued studies in homeopathy and becoming CEO of Paracelsus Schools, overseeing over 60 locations in Europe, specializing in training natural health practitioners.

In 2001, he moved to the USA, co-founding "IT-Magazine" and "Global 2Night" with offices in Miami, LA, NY, Amsterdam and Munich. Later, he was Vice President at "Le City Deluxe Global Luxury Publishing House", headquartered in Barcelona, Dubai and Miami.

After venturing into real estate and investments, he co-founded in 2018 "House Yacht Living" with a focus on sustainability, earning recognition for his marketing work and developing partners to receive the “Key to the City” and the “Green Award in Sustainable Developments”.

During the pandemic in 2020, he co-founded Supply Disaster, creating a global distribution network for medical supplies for hospitals and governments.

 Upon returning to Germany, Marius never lost his passion for the health and cannabis industry which led to his involvement with One World Legends. He runs the Europe Team out of Berlin with efforts to promote the company's legendary plants in the EU, aiming to create a healthier and more sustainable world.

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