Dr. Nicolas Mendoza

Consultant and Agronomist Engineer

Dr. Nicolas Mendoza brings to our Mastermind Team a PhD in Plant Sciences, focused on biotechnology, genetics, and plant physiology from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences - NMBU. Dr. Mendoza has been involved in different research agricultural projects around the world for over 10+ years.

In the past 6 years, he has been focused on the cannabis industry in Colombia, his home country, and internationally where he has consulted for more than 7 companies in production, plant breeding, propagation, and micropropagation (Tissue Culture) protocols. He has participated in the development of biotechnological products and public policies.

Nicolás has been a guest speaker in several international events and most recently he gave a presentation in Cartegena at the International Cannabis Business Conference on Tissue Culture. This is where Rocky befriended Nicolas and now they are working together to make One World Legends’ and Marijuana Inc’s vision a reality. 

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