Chucky Reeves


A pioneer in the Cannabis trade since 1970. Forty-Six (46) years of Cannabis cultivation knowledge and experience. Has grown marijuana in Hawaii, California, Florida, and Jamaica. Additionally, he has thirty (30) years of commercial agriculture experience.

2020 – 2022
One Plant – Bluma Wellness. The operation acquired by Cresco Labs. Cannabis Grower under the Director of Cultivation.

2017- 2021
Go Green Global, Jamaica. Consulted part-time as the corporation’s Master Grower.

2010 – 2018
Osceola Organic Farm, Production & Sales Manager Managed all phases of production and distribution for a Florida Certified Organic Farm. Including Sales, Seeding / Germinating, Transplanting, Harvesting, Packaging, and Distribution. Purchased and erected 2 greenhouses and used growing techniques that produced larger yields with: Microgreens, Sunflower shoots, and Pea greens

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