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GRN Completes Merger With Marijuana Inc.

GRN Holding Corporation (GRNF) announced the successful completion of its merger with Marijuana Inc.

Following the completion of the merger, GRN Holding Corporation and Marijuana Inc. have merged into a consolidated entity, combining their respective strengths, expertise, and resources.

Donald Steinberg CEO at GRN Holdings Corporation, stated, "We are delighted to announce the successful completion of the merger between GRN Holding Corporation and Marijuana Inc. This strategic consolidation positions us as a frontrunner in the cannabis industry, enabling us to provide exceptional products, expand market reach, and drive sustainable growth. Together, we are committed to meeting the needs of consumers while upholding the highest standards of quality and service. The next step for GRN Holding Corporation is the name change to Marijuana Inc. and ticker change."

As a result of the merger, existing equity holders of Marijuana Inc. have exchanged their shares for equity in the consolidated public company.

About GRN

GRN Holding Corporation is a publicly quoted company focused on the global distribution and sale of marijuana in jurisdictions where it is legal. The company collaborates with marijuana farmers to distribute affordable marijuana to legal consumers, wholesalers, and retailers.

About Marijuana Inc.

The company focuses on controlling the quality of seeds, growing practices, distribution, and delivery to consumers. The two divisions at Marijuana Inc. are: One World Legends and Viva Buds.

About One World Legends

This is the global distribution division of Marijuana Inc. Since they grow their cannabis genetics in a laboratory with tissue culture, they can fulfill orders for identical THC product's weekly, monthly, yearly, and for decades with the same genetic characteristics. Because the genetics are also landrace strains, the tissue culture process also serves as protection for their genetic collection. They are currently growing tissue culture in Colombia of 25 strains as part of their global launch.

About Viva Buds

Viva Buds is the retail marketing division of Marijuana Inc, focused on a launch in Los Angeles. This program uses the "Tell A Friend" marketing approach to break through established and traditional supply lines by going direct from farm to consumer.

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