Legal export of cannabis from Colombia, an opportunity for One World Legends Inc

This is from Rocky's latest visit as he solidifies our base of suppliers.

One World Legends has more than a dozen Letters of Intent agreements from Colombian licensed cannabis farms to distribute their THC flower and products worldwide. The Letters of Intent (LOI) are representative of OWL’s commitment to arrange large volume cannabis export, and for the Licensed farms to inform the government of the intended quota in order to legally grow and export from Colombia. Some of these Licensed Companies have decided to work with OWL because of historical relationships dating back many decades, which has fostered deep respect. Prior connections have been rejuvenated and celebrated due to the positive changes in legalization. New relationships have formed due to matching ideals and business goals, aligned industry vision, and the cannabis experience that the President of OWL, Rocky Petrullo, has in Colombia, Jamaica, and the United States. 


Colombia allows export of dried flower

The Colombian government recently signed Decree 811 of 2021 that modifies Decree 613 of 2017, which regulated the activities of cultivation, commercialization, derivatives, and use of cannabis seeds for medicinal and scientific purposes. Among one of the most important changes currently is that the export ban on the dried flower of the plant is eliminated, as of the spring of 2022 (for several years only extracted oil was permitted for export). The export of the dried flower will be a great opportunity for small and medium Colombian farmers to enter this business, which is very prosperous for the world.

Quality cannabis cultivation

Colombia is and has always been the best place in the world to grow medical cannabis. They have powerful sunlight, a 12-hour day and night cycle, historically fertile land, and unique professional and human talent. This is where over generations beneficial insects, fauna and flora aid in production and ensure the quality of purely organic cannabis plant. Remember, Colombia is an original “Brand”, like Juan Valdez coffee, and its cannabis flower is known worldwide for over 55 years or more. Legalization to share it with the world has been a long time coming and OWL is in place to facilitate high quality supply to the demand.

Export growth

It has been reported that according to figures from the National Administrative Department of Statistics, Dane, between January and November 2020, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Israel, Germany, and Switzerland were the countries that bought the most medical cannabis from Colombia; and this is pre-flower export authorization and since that report - much has been evolving worldwide. The jump has been exponential since in that period, exports went from USD$275,000 in 2019 to USD$4.7 million, with a growth of more than 1,600%,” was stated. The director of the administrative department of the Presidency, Víctor Muñoz, assured: “This is a market that by the year 2024 could be around USD$62 billion. 

One World Legends (OWL) Visits Colombia Twice in Eight Months to Evaluate the New Legal Industry

After living in Jamaica for six (6) years, acquiring four (4) government issued cannabis licenses, and building a thriving cannabis dispensary Rocky turned his attention in 2021 to the historical cannabis mega supplier gone legal – Colombia. OWL further needed to explore how a soon opening European market would embrace imported Colombian cannabis. So OWL planned the cannabis business trip early in 2022 to Barcelona and Amsterdam, which assisted Owl in creating its Vision and Mission to distribute legal cannabis from Colombia to a World Market. To deploy the OWL destiny, Rocky designed a three-city road-trip to Colombia in July of 2022 which consisted of visiting potential partners, licensed farms, and industry leaders. He affirmed that the cannabis industry in Colombia is ready to grow high quality, large volume, well priced, legal THC cannabis flower for exportation. Up until 2022, only Medical Hemp was grown and marketed commercially in Colombia and for several years of non-psychoactive export only deep pocket companies capable of extracting cannabis oil were actively engaged. OWL has the vision to be the Number One, World-Leading Landrace, Heirloom, and Premium strain flower and product supplier for licensed businesses that import and distribute legally grown medical, scientific, and recreational flower, vape oil, and flower-oil edibles. OWL believes some of the legendary herb strains that are known to enhance health of the mind, body, and spirit are “Colombian” strains, landrace strains, which includes legendary strains such as Colombian Gold, Colombian Punta Rojo, and Mango Biche. OWL will distribute for import to legal customers the Colombian strains, as well as landrace strains such as Durban Poison, and Afghan Kush. The term “landrace” is used in reference to the limited number of surviving cannabis strains which evolved naturally in the geographic region in which they were discovered by human beings in the 20th century. Landrace strains represent the original cannabis strains and are therefore the origins of allmodern cannabis strains across the world. It is these naturally occurring cannabis strains that made it possible for the world to embrace a cannabis culture and begin cultivating and cross breeding various strains for medicinal and recreational purposes alike. Or to put it another way, had there been no landrace strains, there would be no cannabis whatsoever. OWL is bringing back the veteran strains.